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Welcome to RSP Drone Photography!

We offer aerial photography and videography in hd format with video and photo processing

All pilots are FAA Part 107 certified

RATES(All rates include basic video/photo processing):

Real Estate Aerial/Standard:  $125 per 1000 sq/ft of the building's footprint.  One upper floor and exterior included.  Multiple floors will be assessed accordingly if necessary.


Farm/Empty Lots/Survey:  $125 per acre of land.

Commercial/Videography/Photography:  $85 per 1/2hr of filming.

*Travel Cost:  First 50 miles round trip are free.  Past 50 miles:  $0.50 p/mile. 


*Any overnights, flights, or additional travel costs, if necessary, will be assessed accordingly.


Terms and Conditions:

*LIABILITY: RSP Drone Photography is not responsible for any damage to persons or property while operating safely within the confines of FAA regulations. RSP Drone Photography is insured by VeriFly.
*FLIGHT AUTHORITY: RSP Drone Photography has sole authority to cancel or delay any flight due to adverse weather, unforseen extreme risk to persons or property, or due to any airspace restrictions (TFR's / Airports / etc.) that may be in place on the scheduled day of flight.
If a flight has been determined to be in restricted airspace of any kind, RSP Drone Photography may be required to obtain an FAA waiver for the flight. This waiver can take up to 90 days to obtain per the FAA's estimated processing time. This will be determined in advance for planning purposes where applicable.
The pilot has sole authority to cancel any flight if any malicious interference occurs to the pilot and/or equipment. The pilot shall not be coerced by the client or otherwise to operate the drone in any unsafe manner around people, property, animals and/or contrary to any FAA regulations. Any action of this kind by the client will be cause to immediately cancel the flight and forfeit any deposit given.
*FLIGHT TIME REQUIRED: It is the pilot's discretion to obtain as much media, in as many flights as necessary to make a quality final product.
*CLIENT CANCELLATIONS: If the client needs to cancel the flight for any reason, they must inform RSP Drone Photography 72 hours in advance from the date of the flight by means of a phone call or email. Cancellations less than 72 hours will incur a 20% of the full estimated cost/invoice fee.
*DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS: If a deposit is required, the deposit amount must be received no less than 24 hours prior to the flight date. If the deposit is not received, the flight may be cancelled or delayed per further discretion negotiated by RSP Drone Photography. Full payment is required after services are rendered and the media has been delivered to the client, or per prior arrangement with the client. A final invoice will be sent via email to the client for final payment. Available forms of payment are by credit/debit card, PayPal, cash, money order, or verified business checks. Personal checks are not accepted. Any returned checks will incur a $50 fee.
*COPYRIGHT/SECURITY: All media obtained on any flight and/or photo shoot is considered proprietary, and will not be released to any public forum without written consent from the client. RSP Drone Photography releases the media rights to the client on the basis that the media taken is used solely for the purpose(s) defined by the client and will not be used in any general public forum without proper credit to RSP Drone Photography per copyright law. 
*AGREEMENT: By signing on with RSP Drone Photography as a client, you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions, and any further necessary conditions specific to the work/job assigned.

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